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Combat, Levels, etc.

Post by Renmaru » March 14th, 2011, 3:19 pm

This thread will keep you up to date on Combat, Levels, TP (training points) and all related subject matter's rules and such. PLEASE NOTE I AM FREQUENTLY GOING TO BE TWEAKING COMBAT IN LARGE WAYS MOST LIKELY AS IM NOT SURE OF EVERYTHING JUST YET.

Training points:
Every spell has a certain amount of training points needed to learn it, if the spell is not taught by your master you will need to first convince the other master to teach it to you, besides this the number of training points you need to learn the spell will triple. Usually the more powerful a spell the more training points that will be required. Training points can be earned several ways, one of which is defeating opponents in combat. These will be moderately hard to earn making any spells your master does not know very hard to learn. Most masters and some npc’s will also offer training sessions which are a good way to earn training points as well.

Now I know we all hate levels cause they make shit complicated when there’s level 10’s and you start at level 1 but I’m gonna TRY and make this nice and balanced. Every level takes 100 experience to gain, every foe defeated will give you 5 experience, other events may occur offering xp.

1st level: Learner – you will likely spend a fair amount of time at this level, your spells are not immensely strong, and occasionally you mess up, but you’re making progress. (Base stats)

2nd level: Apprentice – your making progress, though you’re certainly not the best sorcerer in the world you show potential, this level is easiest to gain and your master will begin to teach you some of their special spells at this point. (+10 Will and +3 stat points and +1 training point)

3rd level: Sorcerer – your master has deemed you a full fledged sorcerer, your progress was obviously enough to catch the eyes of many and now you can really start to learn some strong spells. Though no one is taking it easy on you now! (+5 Health and Energy and +5 stat points +2 training points)

4th level: Grand Sorcerer – Merlin himself has started to note your progress, perhaps you can learn a spell or two from his book! Full access to master’s teachings, note Horvath will not teach you dark magic if he thinks you’re liable to rat him out. (+4 Spell Power and +4 stat points +3 training points)

5th level: Master – You know enough to destroy a town or two, but Merlin could still blow your face off so don’t piss the old geezer off. (+2 to all attributes and +5 stat points +5 training points)

Level ??: Grand Master / Boss – Mostly npc’s like the three trainers. This is a special level that basically means “don’t fuck with me.” If I do ever grant something this level it has about as much power over the RP as I do so attacking it is not exactly what some would call “good for your health.” Course I could throw in an enemy boss with this level to see if teamwork can take it down… (will likely be un-killable unless I state otherwise)

Combat: (WIP)
Map, spells will have a range, summoned creatures will be listed when relevant, most have only melee attacks. Most sorcerers are hard to kill and will be captured rather then killed (this is true of all players unless they wish to kill off a character). All sorcerer’s require some form of magic item to perform their spells, this can range from a ring to a staff to just about anything really. Sorcerer’s can use melee attacks, however they are not known for being strong, any melee attack will do 3 damage, this is still helpful if you are out of energy and your opponent is nearly ko’d there are also spells to enhance their melee attacks.

Sex: (in combat also WIP) enemy players or npc’s must be restrained before any form of sex can be initiated, keep in mind doing this may leave you vulnerable. There are spells that allow you to restrain your foes.

(out of combat) if the target of your affection’s is willing then by all means have a go, just try not to be too public, in case your master catches you and scolds and punishes you for your public indecency.
Of course if the target is not willing, well you’ll have to try and restrain them, but since their will, will be, most likely, at max, they will be hard to break, and you will be very vulnerable, nearby npc's may also try to stop you, so best to try and get them out of public.

Opponent’s Will remaining affects how much they are able to struggle and/ or how vulnerable you are making yourself by attacking them in such a manner.


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