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Re: Character's and handbook

Post by Doomed-One » January 15th, 2011, 8:25 pm

Name:Lucas Denerim
Age:Appears in his twenties/Hidden(He dodges the question)
Appearance:Lucas has short, often messy, red hair that never seems to grow, not to mention a pair of golden colored eyes. Lucas is about six feet tall with an athletic build usually seen on acrobats, rather than skilled warriors. He usually sports a pair of sleek sunglasses that add to his seemingly lazy persona. His regular outfit is usually a pair of blue jeans, with a fitting black tank top to complete his look. His footwear alternates between black sneakers and dress shoes, depending on his mood.
Special abilities: In accordance with his laid back persona, Lucas displays a large talent with Bakudo(Restraining spells).
History: Much like his age, he doesn't like to talk about it. He seems to become defensive and aggressive if it is mentioned, thus is can't have been a good thing.

Shikai:Release Command: "Enslave" In Shikai form, Nightmare's form changes little. It's blade transforms into a mirror like steels, with tribal markings from the hilt to the tip of the blade. In this form, the physical strength of the User becomes immense, but he becomes unable to use flashstep, limiting his movement and dodging capability. The blade also gives the user's reflexes a huge boost, offsetting the lack of movement capability.

Special Attacks/abilities:
: With a single slash, a blade of black smoke/mist is launched at the enemy with high speed. The attack itself is weak, only serving to give the target a very light cut, however the smoke saps the targets strength should they breath it in.

Judgment(Hantei): The user thrusts the blade into the ground, causing tendrils of black smoke/mist to erupt from the earth and try to ensnare the target. If successful, the target will be forced to inhale the strength sapping smoke and become immobilized unless they can break free. Unusable unless on solid ground.

Doom(Meiun): The markings on the blade steadily consume it, increasing its physical might until the blade in completely black. At that point, Bankai can be unleashed.

Bankai:Nightmare of Oblivion(Akumu Bookyaku)

In this form, the blade becomes ethereal and seemingly made up entirely of black mist. The hilt and guard also gone. The user is also covered in a bloak of the same black mist, with or without the hood. The user's mobility is further reduced, the weight of the smoke forcing him to do nothing but walk, or move slowly when in midair. To further offset this, physical strength is once again boosted to massive heights, enough so to decimate entire buildings with a single strike, or shatter Zanpaktou. The user can also manipulate the black smoke on his body to an extent of 1.5 meters around him.

Absolute Punishment(Zettai Batsu): A larger and more potent version than normal. Now the attack itself is capable of causing considerable wounds on the target's body, though the effect of the smoke is the same.

Divine Judgement(Kami No Hantei): A larger and more powerful version than normal. The user can now wield it in midair, not to mention summon twice as many tendrils as before. This version can also chance the shape of the tendrils to blades, bludgeons, or anything really.

True Doom(Hantoo Meiun): The version of the blade the user wields. While the zanpaktou is the smoke itself, the smoke the user wields is this ability, rather than the weapon draped around his body. The user can change it's shape and form, though length is limited to 1.5 meters, while the overall physical strength behind each blow remains the same.

Vizard Details
: The mask itself appears smooth and unbroken, featureless almost. This makes the eyes, usually yellow and glowing, extremely intimidating when combined with bankai. As the user becomes more fierce or intent to kill, the mask will crack around the mouth, allowing sound out. The crack can open up to reveal a black void instead of a mouth, making Lucas appear more monster than human.

Mask related Abilities: Enhanced Strength: The Vizards have shown great strength while using their masks.

Cero: Visored gain access to certain Hollow abilities, such as the Cero blast.

Power Augmentation: With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Vizards gain access to an additional and separate source of power - aside from the Shinigami powers they already possess - Hollow powers. The accumulation of both powers greatly augments their powers beyond what a Shinigami and/or Hollow alone would be capable of.

Reiryoku Enhancement: Vizards have dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities.

Telekinesis: Vizards apparently hold varying degrees of telekinesis; For example, Ichigo, in his new Hollowfied form, has employed this ability to call forth his Zanpakutō with a mere flick of the wrist.

Mask Protection: Body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks, as demonstrated by Ichigo's Hollow during his unwilling transformations.

Inner Hollow(Sacul): A psychotic and hot tempered version of his lazy self. Sacul seems animalistic when with his counterpart. Though conquered, he can't help but chime in when Lucas is relaxing, or in battle.

Relationship with Shinigami: Neutral.

Relationship with Arrancar: Enemies.

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Re: Character's and handbook

Post by Raki3r » January 27th, 2011, 8:15 am

Race: Wolf Anthro
Age: Unknown, Assumed he lived as far back as the medieval ages
Gender: Male
special abilities: [[Now... gonna need help with this]]
S/O: Straight
Personality: Deep down inside, Rakier is a softie but on the surface many see a cold hearted warrior, willing to sacrifice any and all for the greater good.
Biography: Rakier once lived a simple life as a normal wolf in a large wolf pack, the pack numbering easily Fifty to sixty wolves, he was just like all the other wolves other then one thing, His exceptional strength and speed as well as cunning, This eventually earned him the Beta rank within his pack and even Alpha male, though many of the wolves cursed Rakier for rising to the top so quickly.

Within the first two months of being the Alpha male Rakier was attacked by at least half of the pack which banded behind one wolf who fully dispised him, Rakier trying to fight back but unable to as a lucky bite severed his Jugular and killing him instantly, from that day forward he moved around the earth as a lonely soul, a betrayed soul... That almost being his undoing as he nearly accepted a offer from a Rather smart hollow...

When Rakier denied the hollow it's request it attacked him out of pure rage, Rakier almost being devoured by the creature but was saved last second by a odd looking person wielding a blade, that person called himself a soul reaper or a Shinigami, After a small chat the soul reaper sent Rakier to the soul society where he trained heavily, eventually growing strong enough to stand on his hind legs, even practicing until he was able to wield a blade, clumsily but still wielding one until he got powerful enough to be able to change his form into what he is now...

After several years of training Rakier is now part of a special soul reaper unit known as the Lonewolves, a elite group used to dispatch severe threats to the human realm and the soul society...

Name: Karite
Shikia: Release words: Reap the souls of the living and dead.. come forth.. KARITE!

Form: [[Still thinking but it is the Halberd in Rakier's pic]]

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Re: Character's and handbook

Post by haismaster » January 28th, 2011, 11:37 pm


Name: First Name: Unknown Last Name Doragon

Race: Shinigami

Age: appears late 20s - early 30s

Gender: Male

Appearance: Long unbound bluish-black hair, wares blood stained white shinigami robe, his eyes are gold and spliced like a snakes from an unknown curse place on his family, stands about 6'3", semi muscular build, and always looks serious(picture him as a mix between Sephiroth and Inuyasha) ... 24&bih=554
[url[/url] And Ryu's release is a mix between Kadaj's sword ans Sephiroth's Masamune ... 75159&qo=4
personality: although he always looks serious you can always count on him to try and lighten the mood when the time is right, he is always mission first, he hates getting into fights even though he loves to fight this is because he has a tendency for blood lust in battle, he tries to be friendly but has a tough time trusting new people (isolation can do that to people)

special abilities: he has a strong healing power but its requires a lot of spirit energy and a lot of time to build up that energy, this power can also only be used on himself and drains his energy after use, he also has his own stile of flash step he likes to call dragon flight

History: He can't recall when but some time ago while traveling between the wold of the living and the soul society he got caught between the to planes with no apparent way of leaving for what seemed like thousands of years the only companionship he had was with his Zanpakuto, when he wasn't battling endless waves of Hallows hes was mastering his banki Doragon also can't remember how he got out of this area but he found him self lost in the land of the living, after hearing about the Reaper of Souls he suspects that the spiritual disruption caused bit its release also removed him from his accidental prison


Name: Ryü ikari (Dragon wrath)

Shikia: release comand: ignite, Ryu's released form is a double edged katana as long a Doragon is tall

Bankai: the release of bankai changes ryu into two large dragon talons one black as night the other as golden as a ray of sun this bankai also gives Doragon wings that look much like Captain Hitsugaya's but made of fire instead of ice

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