The Concept and future of Kaleidoscope

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The Concept and future of Kaleidoscope

Post by aremihc » March 28th, 2010, 8:56 am

Kaleidoscope will be a series of event based role-playing sessions, both quantified and story-driven with multiple outcomes that directly affect the plot of future events, though a prologue will be constructed and played first as a proof of concept of the game system.

�Peace� phases will allow players to wander, recover and RP with other players through the use of a detailed description of their surroundings. There are also other ways to spend their time, points of interest or NPCs will offer the exploration of quest opportunities and rewards, players and NPCs outside these points of interest will not be able to interact with the event without taking certain tests and conditions to become aware of it first . There is also a �Free time� system so that players can dedicate their �time� to actions completed out-of play such as performing sentry duty or repairing carts, all will have tangible rewards to the progress of the expedition.

�Battle� phases feature one huge event where all hell breaks loose. All active characters and NPCs are thrown into one massive event. Arrows fly and swords clash in a battle of sometimes epic proportions; the risks will be directly proportional to the active players skills and the enemies will not give up their assault until defeated. The progress of the battle is quantified and the tactical actions of the players (or the troops the players command) will sway the tide of a battle.

The stats system will be as simple as possible, and will promote good role-playing. This utilises the use of the main stats, Might, motion, will, mind and charm; these represent the skill weighting of a character as a pose to a skill rating, aka how much a character relies on particular skills. Other skills are derived from these five, for example the might and motion are added to create the acrobatics skill or motion and mind to create the dexterity stat, mind and mind create intelligence etc. The basic idea of this system is that player voice their intentions to the GM, the GM moderates the action by applying it to one of the character�s derived skills with an appropriate modifier depending on the difficulty of the task and the player�s current condition (passive effects). This allows players with seemingly unbalanced stats to utilise alternative tactics in a given situation, making all combinations of character viable.

These skills also contribute to a very quick and brutal role-playing based combat system, relying far more on how the characters attack a foe as a pose to just saying �I will attack foe A causing x amounts of damage�. There are 6 different forms of attack and defence to choose from (or imply, being the main idea) and critical hits are the result of good judgement of the nature of their foes.

To assist players in making decisions, passive stats such as intelligence, risk-taking and initiative will offer unique solutions in the given circumstance.

ANY weapon can be wielded by ANY player and can be changed in ANY phase. This allows players to choose their favourite combination and play their own, balanced, style of play.

There is a simple Hp/Mp based system for monitoring the character�s health and sanity. Both can be healed through miscellaneous healing/concentrating/relaxing actions in addition to magic and potions. However, passive effects such as dire/mortal wounds and extreme cases of stress and even being set on fire or being hypnotised/hallucinating will force the player to change their tactics and seek help of NPCs or other players.

This will allow the GM to micromanage a large number of players, a spreadsheet has already been constructed for just this purpose. The players do not even have to know most of the inner workings as their experiences in the campaign and passive mental skills will quickly guide them in the right direction.

The TRUE personalisation of the character will come from a huge list of �perks� highlighting racial abilities, skills, histories (or heritage) and professions and will offer unique and powerful skills. This counteracts the writer�s block that most players experience when creating a background for a character and allows the GM to create quests based on the character�s past.

Character development will be present, rewards will be in the forms of new skills and items and punishments for dying are present giving the player a goal to come back from the dead based on their beliefs (Reincarnation could be fun if it happens). In the RARE event of transformation characters will always have a choice to end their adventure or embrace their new form.

NPCs will be the main defence against time-zones. There will be plenty of things to occupy the players with as their actions in peace phases will determine the progression of the next phase, some areas in a peace phase will be strictly player-led.


Private events such as twisted dreams, visions or important plot points may only be revealed to one character VIA PERSONAL MESSAGING. They can keep these secret if they wish as the information will be most likely exploitable.  Epilepsy/warnings will be present for the few slightly disturbing videos sent (nothing extreme! that would just be terrible!).



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