Runepunk Encyclopedia [General Q&A and Useful Tips]

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Runepunk Encyclopedia [General Q&A and Useful Tips]

Post by aremihc » March 28th, 2010, 3:52 am

Q & A

If you have any questions that need answering this is the place to post them. Whether you need more information to decide if you would like to join this RP or whether you are curious about the lore; please grill me! It may reveal something which I have not considered, and most likely could.  ;)

This is also an excellent place to nitpick the perks and game system. The more eyes looking for flaws the better the system will become.

Hints and Tips

(This list will be continually updated as lessons are learnt through the course of the RP.)

  • The intelligence attribute can be used to assess the consequences an action you plan to take.
  • Know your strengths and play them as much as possible. Call on others if you are overwhelmed.
  • Do not be afraid to stack actions, state your first action then continue stating what your character intends to do. The GM will stop if something prevents them from completing the tasks.
  • Sometimes a battle not fought is a battle won so use charm as much as possible and think outside the box.
  • YOU WILL need help so do not ruin the disposition of NPCs by RAPING them, or by not, they might like it!
  • Some pets can be friendly, some can be unpredictable, and some try to eat each other.
  • Charging headlong into skirmishing enemies is a fatal error of judgement as only a beserker will be likely to survive. If they are in a formation you may be able to exploit it.
  • Friendly fire exists so do not fire into a brawl without aiming first.
  • Submitting to a seductive enemy is exactly what they want you to do and may result in dire repercussions, or they may reward you. Really! It is not rape if you don't say "no"...
  • Do not rely on your senses as they may be lying to you.
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Re: Runepunk Encyclopedia [General Q&A + Hints and Tips]

Post by aremihc » March 28th, 2010, 5:00 am

Example Questions

Q: Does this RP have sex as one of its features?

A: Yes. I am a fan of domination, bondage, rape, tentacle rape, erotic wrestling and even light vore from time to time. I will also try my best to play things up or down for those interested in... other... things.

You may also actively pursue relationships with NPCs and even force them if you have the skills and stats required. I am not homophobic so if you wish to take that path state it in your character sheet and I'll try my best to play to your tastes.

And a quick heads up: The safeword is ((Bananas)).

Q: Is this Rp an open-world or a linear story?

A: Both. Each section of the story is split into radically different areas to to explore and quest in and will be referred to as 'phases'.  Unique and global quests for individuals and anyone will be present in each section.  You may actively pursue quests and tasks or just get out there and explore. In the main RP (not the prologue) I hope to implement a 'Free time' system for the more monotonous tasks available, for example; mending a broken cart or performing sentry duty out-of-play will affect how events unfold in the 'Phase'.

Q: I hate how story-based RPs slow down. How do you intend to combat this?

A: Global events and Battle phases. When Global events occur every player will be forced to become aware of as the entire area will change as a consequence. Players 'getting it on' may have their private time interrupted by an attack or ambush, or even something completely different. Battle phases throw all available players and NPCs against a horde of enemies and quantified battlefield tactics will have to be employed in order to win the day.

Q: Your system seems very structured. Will this affect how I RP?

A: Only if you are trying to influence the world around you in a way that will have consequences. Everything interior to the character will be pretty much passable most of the time, and even beneficial in the case of healing/relaxing actions.

Q: How much damage do enemies cause and how quickly can I die?

A: This system considers the fact that a few direct unprotected hits with a sword could prove fatal if you do not do something to resist the onslaught and that enemies will actively pursue you if you try to escape. Impeding their progress or calling on others to assist you is important if you wish to recover and retaliate.

In the prologue I am leaving out a stat called 'fate'. This stat is non-replenishable and must last you the entire campaign. It cannot hold back the grim reaper but it may give you an unexpected burst of heroism to aid you in overcoming dire circumstances.

Q: What weapons can I use?

Anything. Weapons have balanced advantages and disadvantages and their effectiveness will depend on your style of play. Heavier weapons such as artillery will require a crew to use unless you are "Big" enough to carry them.

Q: Your writing style confuses me...

A: That is because I'm dyslexic  :-\. I try my hardest but some things I type may be unclear from time to time.
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