Perks: Races, Heritage and Talents

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Perks: Races, Heritage and Talents

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(( A special thanks to Chrissy Kat for helping me clean up this section and re-assess my vocabulary.  ;D ))

Racial - [1 Perk]

Humanoid creatures are the most adaptable, genetically diverse, and industrious creatures in the land and tend to be much more boastful about their heritable benefits. You may choose one additional Heritage perk.

Anthromorph, Warm Blooded
Warm blooded anthromorphs have exceptional natural sensory (sight, hearing, smell, taste) granting them a natural advantage. They also have unrivalled ability in agility making them much more speedier and agile (+1 Motion). Though, with fragile skin and/or fur they are vulnerable to fire and heat.

Anthromorph, Cold Blooded
Cold blooded anthromorphs are vulnerable to the cold, but excel in a variety of natural defences:

Choose (1) Natural Defence
  • Immunity: Poisons and paralysis have no effect.
  • Hardened Scales: Extremely durable skin covered in thick scales that act as natural armour (+4 Fortitude, does not influence HP).
  • Toxic Flesh: Skin is coated in a deadly poison that deters or kills when bitten or consumed.
  • Poison Sacs: A once per phase close-range attack that poisons OR paralyzes a target organic entity.
  • Fire breath: They can ignite an enemy at close range / set things on fire 3 times a phase.
  • Pheromones: They can force other anthromorphic beings into heat, but pheromones may attract unwanted attention.
  • Climber: Climbing upon solid surfaces is a routine task.

Heritage - [2 Perks]

Years of training has taught you lessons that only you will truly understand you may add +1 to one Aspect of your choice OR +3 to one Attribute of your choice.

Runes have been tirelessly tattooed across your body giving you mastery over a single element, so long as you can handle the pain ... You may choose to sacrifice either your Fortitude or your Sanity to unleash an effect of comparable magnitude - fortunately these are not cumulative. A fireball would cost 1 HP/MP, a torrent of fire would require 3 HP/MP, a firestorm would require 8 HP/MP and complete annihilation would require 16 HP/MP.

Choose (1) Discipline
  • Calefaction: The power to manipulate temperature to invoke heat and cold.
  • Water: The power over water and liquids and it's varying formations (ice, steam, etc).
  • Tempest: The power of air and wind invoking the wrath of storms.
  • Gravity: The power of gravity allowing the ability to change the weight and pressure of an entity or area.
  • Vigour: The power over plants, vegetation, and the essence of nature invoking growth and healing.
  • Electricity: the power to call upon the deadly power of electricity forming powerful arcs of energy.
Wealthy (LOCKED)
You have great wealth, resources, and connections allowing you to influence the greed of people with money. Though, you also have an insatiable greed over wealth making you vulnerable to bribes and reward.

The power of presence, reputation, and inspiration are in your hands. You are unremarkable in a crowd making you easy to pick out often garnering the attention of folk interested in your majesty.

Sex and sin are a major part of your life desensitizing you towards sexual intimacy and immoral acts. You are less susceptible to lust and temptation naturally.

You are known for being cruel, notorious, and feared by the people often causing many to cower in your presence or garnering the attention of challengers. Even your allies find your presence uncomfortable.

Suffering from deformities and a hideous appearance, you are not affected by the horrific deformities in other people making you indifferent towards oddities, but your own appearance can be a deterrent towards normal people (-2 Charm).

Battle Hardened
Years of combat experience, wars, and battles fill your background as a fierce warrior. You are level-headed in battle and cannot be phased by the horrors of a brutal fight, but you still suffer from Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) when idle and relaxed losing D6 MP per every peace phase.

Young and Talented
Though you may still be wet behind the ears as to how this world works and lack the wisdom that only years of experience can lend, you compensate for this with your god-given talents. You gain +1 skill at the sacrifice of this heritage.
Old and wise
You have lived a long and rewarding life and though you may have lost some skills to the passing of time your years of observation has left you with quite the tale to tell.You may pick an extra 2 heritages at the cost of 1 skill.

The power of flight is an enviable gift indeed as you can now glide and soar high above the world and observe those less fortunate below...

...Or perhaps exploring the dark suffocating depths is favourable as gills and fins allow you explore these places where lost treasures lie.

Boundless confidence
Nothing can keep you down as you recover from even the most painful circumstances as if they were merely a bad dream. Whether through sheer force of will or safe in the memory that someone is waiting for you, recuperating actions recover D6 Mp as a pose to D3 points.

You tower above the tallest natural born man and this alone is enough to intimidate your foes (intimidate +3). Your extra leverage allows you to wield great swords in a single hand or lift artillery.

Your small stature allows you to navigate impossibly cramped environments with ease and a lighter frame allows you to ride atop friend's shoulders but only the foolhardy remove you as a threat as your natural agility will soon be the end of them (acrobatics +3). Short weapons benefit from dexterity as well as speed.

Serpentine  (LOCKED)
Your long serpentine lower section presents opponents with an unusual challenge, however your movement becomes severely restricted as your body weighs you down. This adds +4 to technique and -4 to acrobatics.

The lower section of a horse allows you to travel at incredible speeds but makes you far more vulnerable to attack from organised enemies. This adds +6 to speed and -4 to initiative.


You take pleasure in the torture of the helpless and the breaking of the righteous. Every time you harm a foe your Mp will be raised by one point per turn.

Pain is just another word for pleasure to you as it makes you feel alive! Being harmed restores your Mp by one point per turn.

As a magical derivation of your species your very being is infused with Mana. You see runes and crystals as fields of self contained Mana stretching for freedom in all directions from their geometry-based prison. You can re-charge runes at a cost of D6 Mp and can sense Mana concentrations.

Oracle (LOCKED)
You peel back the labels that we "intelligent" beings call truth and reason, and see the gods' will behind them. You receive visions either in your sleep or in self-induced trances and can broadcast your thoughts, feelings and even your senses into the minds of others.

Quite the opposite of the oracle as your mind is hidden from all that seek its contents. You can invade the minds of others and see through their eyes and senses. Oracles are exempt from this and are the only beings in this world hidden from you.
Puppet master

Through arcane forces your powers over others minds are almost absolute as you can make victims dance for you when given the opportunity to invade their minds. Only those that trust you with their lives will take this in their stride as the entire experience can be quite unnerving and even then they may instinctively resist your influences.

Bouncy personality

When your life is going well you have not a care in the world and so your disposition towards others is reflected right back at you, most of the time. When Mp is full +2 is added to the Allure Attributes.
Calm demeanour

When you are not under significant pressure your calm demeanour and level headedness captures the respect of those around you. A high Mp (greater than � Mp) adds +1 to the Allure Attributes.
Fiery demeanour

You thrive under pressure even in the most daunting circumstances and your ability to bite back in a stressful situation will have others hiding behind you. A low Mp (lower than � Mp) adds +3 to the Allure Attributes.


Your pupils dilate far wider than any other member of your species and you are forced into aletness for when the night comes you are the hunter that your foes cower at the mere thought of. You can see in the dark.

Your friends always thought you were a bit weird and as a child you occasionally ran on all fours despite your parents embarrassment. You still bear your teeth and claws against your foes and when your instincts take hold you turn a blind eye towards the more civilised methods murder. Beware as the beast within may unexpectedly take hold under certain circumstances...  Physical stats are increased by 3 and allure and mental stats decreased by 2. Mp is reduced by -3 on transformation.

Toxins and poisons in the bloodstream barely affect you as your advanced immune system is equiped to weather ailments that would kill others in seconds.

You may not be as seductive or as pretty as some of your peers but a mere pass at someone leaves them lightheaded and confused at their body's response to you. This puts them at a disadvantage when trying to resist your influences.

Blood is the most nutritious liquid available in great abundance so why waste a good kill in battle to the crows when you can keep them alive a little longer to satisfy your thirst. Your body is designed to drink the blood of others but can only do so when they are alive and incapacitated, once you have your fangs in them they will be completely at your mercy and 2D6 Hp will be restored.

Your flesh seems to knit itself back together and even the most dire wounds can be shrugged off as merely a scratch. Healing actions restore D6 Hp as a pose to D3.

Hardened scales/skin:
Whether thick scales, leathery hide, a bone-plated ridge or just layers of solid muscle you body is equipped with natural armour that can even put knights to shame. Your maximum Hp is raised by 3.

Talents - [2 Perks]

Intense training
Your dedication to improving your weaknesses in the short term have paid off as you can now add +1 to a single aspect OR +3 to a single attribute.

Fast learner
Your mind is flexible and eager to learn as you can pick up and drop new skills as you please provided someone is willing to teach you. You may learn one talent from another player or NPC with their permission however this is only temporary as you will quickly forget the details and be free to learn a new trade.

Years or even decades of dedicated practice with you tool of the trade has made you a master in your class. You may choose a specific weapon and have all penalties for using it severely reduced.


Runesmiths are the backbone of the economy as their talents make what seems to be impossible by physical laws a reality. Once per phase they can enchant an object under one of the following categories and they can also enchant people although all runes will wear away eventually.

Choose 2 disciplines
  • Destruction- Upon being marked the object will self destruct asnd so damaging itself and its surroundings (D6 Hp damage to living targets)
  • Restoration- even the most complex fractures through the most brittle material can be repaired in an instant (D6 Hp restored to living targets)
  • Alteration- This allows you to alter the physical properties of the object painted and trade one physical attribute for another. An example would be trading weight for hardness or brittleness for length, the GM will determine the tangible effects
  • Elemental- see Elementalist for the range of effects this discipline can conjure however when applied to living beings they will only be able to sway the elements once.  Elemental effects on weapons last 3 strikes but will destroy the weapon.
  • Practical- You can paint small trinkets to aid the daily lives of all such as timekeepers, compasses, weather vanes that predict the weather, lighting and even basic security appliances.
  • Reanimation- Objects and constructs can be animated to protect and serve. When combined with the sight discipline it opens up the option for advanced remote piloting or surveillance.
  • Sight- Magic periscopes can gaze across landscapes revealing all, eyes in dark corners observe your foe's movements and you may even be able to see in the dark through painted glass. This also allows the construction of picture-boxes.
You are quite the handyman and although you don't rely on runes your advanced knowledge of mechanics and structure allows you to construct, repair and disassemble even the most complex machines and weapons.

At one with nature or brutally taming it to your will, either way when lost in otherwise inhospitable areas your knowledge allows you to keep yourself and others alive for as long as possible. You can also set traps.

As a holy patron you can bless the ranks greatly increasing the resolve of those around you and you can also observe the damned: Souls forced to wander the remaining years lost and alone until the end of days. Both could mean the difference between life and the great beyond.

Beast master
Your understanding or brutal reasoning with nature allows you to tame many wild beasts to your will. You can also set traps.

You understand that there is nothing more powerful than a skilled warrior on horseback as you can knock down your opponents and charge through their thinned ranks unchallenged. The creature you ride also allows you to harness the mount's endurance and stamina allowing you to cover much greater distances than foot soldiers.

Hiding in the shadows, in the bushes or even in a crowd is your preferred angle of approach. At any time you can deceive your enemies and strike without warning on your oblivious quarry. Sleight of hand also allows you to steal without being chased down and losing your hand for it.

Breaking and entering? Who needs to break anything when you can just enter?  Lock-picking, safecracking and escaping from dire circumstances have given you this skill making you a force that can never be subdued for long.

You fight dirty because when a knife is at your throat and your opponent has the upper hand anything goes in order to survive. This approach has also taught you much about the limits of your body and the effects it can come under when caught in a life-or-death situation. You can almost will the adrenaline into your veins!

Berserker OR Gunslinger

Whether through fluid and honed motions or crazed frantic brutality your character is far better at taking on a group of enemies alone. Enemies will become terrified as you hack or shoot your way through their numbers with apparent ease. You are classed as a berserker or gunslinger based on your preference to dual-wielding melee� weapons or ranged weapons. You may attack D6 additional enemies per turn.

Vertical surfaces can be scaled with ease and such heights can provide useful vantage points of the surrounding area.

Your presence is known through your ability to command others. Your knowledge of warfare allows you to command large numbers of troops efficently but whether they follow through depends on their conviction to you.

When you are the center of attention you never fail to impress regardless of your demeanour off-stage. You can raise the morale and Mp of all players and NPCs that benefit from your performance. Unfortunately some may not wish to engage in such merriment.


The use of microscopic crystals has accelerated the effects of certain mixtures of natural (or even unnatural) herbs, spices and minerals. Ingredients gathered can be put to good use in the peace phase and are classed as common, uncommon, and rare.
Only two potions can be mixed per phase so choose wisely:

All of these concoctions are available
  • Minor health brew (common, recovers 4 non-critical Hp)
  • Health potion (uncommon, recovers 4 Hp)
  • Regeneration essence (Rare, restores character to healthy state within seconds)
  • Pick-me up (common, invigorates a character for 1 turn)
  • Adrenaline shot (uncommon, invigorates a character for 3 turns)
  • Invincibility tonic (rare, invigorates a character for an entire phase)
  • Cup of cocoa(common, recovers 4 non-distraught Mp)
  • Antidepressant (uncommon, recovers 4 Mp)
  • Smelling salts (uncommon, cures mind effects)
  • Truth Ichors (rare, cures all mental conditions and Mp)
  • Ablity/attribute essence (increases a main stat by 2 for 1 turn, uncommon)
  • Weak poison (common, 1 hit every 2 turns for D6 turns)
  • Poison (uncommon, 1 hit every turn for D3 turns)
  • End of the road (RARE, the next time an enemy makes a move they will die)
  • Weak paralysis (common, enemies are paralysed for D3 turns)
  • Paralysis (uncommon, enemies are paralysed for D6 turns)
  • Mortification (RARE, Combines the effects of poison and paralysis)
You can heal mortal wounds and have a chance of reviving �dead� characters.

You are familiar with the erogenous zones of many races and have learnt to exploit you skills in bed to their full potential. Sleeping with players or NPCs will add +5 to all allure based rolls for that character.

Good with rope
Your skills with rope and twine are highly underrated as you have learnt to rappel, lasso and tie up captives in a very short amount of time. Daring feats involving ropes have a +5 chance of succeeding.

You have learnt to press the desired gender against their best intentions of chastity which usually ends in getting your own way, much to their shame. +3 to personality based stats when conversing with the desired sex. (can be both, this is based on your sexual preference)

You can dislocate joints and rotate your locked arms across your entire body, you can squeeze through increasingly small spaces and you can even roll yourself into a ball of limbs as these are just a few of your claims to being a contortionist. +4 to acrobatics when performing actions that require flexibility.

Suggest a talent! This list needs to be bigger!
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