The Chronicles of Olyn Info(READ FIRST!)



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The Chronicles of Olyn Info(READ FIRST!)

Post by Kinkyfox » November 28th, 2010, 2:35 pm

Hello there and welcome too The Chronicles of Olyn in this unique roleplay players of the role play are free to create there own charcter how they wish, as they Follow a series of events, story's and side storys in the Olny universe, because of this unique feature the roleplayers will be forced to used there role play skills as much as possable and not rely soley on combat as not everything is or wants to kill you in this world, there will be times when defend your self could mean the Life or Death of your character, however unlike the old Olyn not every instance will rely on Fighting rather now I'm focusing on Puzzles, Traps, and Dungeons.

A new edition to this version of Olyn is removal of Level and XP system, mainly because this is going to be a sole role play and not an RPG, however this does not hinder RP in fact now your encouraged more as you will no longer feel like a God if you have a high level this also makes it possible for people to join in the RP at any time. Ah speaking of that because Olyn is based on a series of events characters can appear at any time almost however how they enter the main story is up to my Devin will of course.

Due to this fact as stated above with characters joining at any time this also leaves a new thing, If your character should die then its quite simple, your alloud to come back as a new character as long as you follow a few set of rules.
1.Your new character must not be related in any way shape or form.
2.You cannot use prior life info in the Role Play your new charter will not know the things of your old one and even if you were reincarnated your going to be a baby not a full grown adult/teen.

Classes are here to base your character on do not take the description of them literal they are only a base guideline.

FIGHTER: Fighters are martial artists or warriors that focus heavily on Hand to hand Fighters also like to use hand weapons such as Arm Blades and Qatar

WARRIOR: Your typical armored fighter who uses any and everything to go into battle with, While warriors differ from what weapon they use a very common trait is that they are quite armored, however there are some that are also seldom armored.

THIEF: Sly ans sneaky are the traits of a good thief, while unlike rouges or assassins that seem to blend into shadows thief's are great for there dirty cutthroat tactics and dirty fighting styles, most are only after there own selfish desires however there is some honor among thief's.

RANGER: A outdoors men and women who's skills in a Bow and Arrow make them great long range killers while stile able to fight at close range rangers often have a great sense of there surroundings while outside and can often live of the land with almost no supplies.

MAGE: The Magic adapt still learning the ways of the elements and to harvest there power, Mages differ vastly from Wizards whom use various spells for various reasons while Mages tend to focus more on the natural way of things and thus why they are able to control and manipulate the elements through there magic.

PRIEST: A priest is not only a spiritual healer but one that can use this spiritual power to heal physical wounds as well as emotional wounds, most priests have a deterred Moral or Unmoral code that they bind them selves too.


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