Cracklevania Custom + YCH! *ENDED*

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Cracklevania Custom + YCH! *ENDED*

Post by ToonPimp » June 5th, 2018, 8:02 pm


Arrow Keys = Move
A = Attack
S = Jump
D = Secondary Weapon

Here is Cracklevania 2: Custom! This game stars Sky, a explorer searching out treasure in Cracklevania and out to destroy Draculina while he's at it!
It also stars YCH! That's right you can get your character in a Cracklevania game! All you need is a reference of the character you want in the game and a bit of disposable income, and you will have your character in their own Cracklevania game! With that, you get your character drawn and animated in the game, sex animations with most or possibly all enemies (number of animations is based upon amount paid), opening crawl and ending scene.
The process for getting your character in the game and how much it will cost is detailed below.

Design and addition to game:
First you will need your character designed and added to the game. You must supply a reference to the character you want in the game along with any other information you think that we may need to know. Your character will be drawn, animated and then added as a playable character in the game. The cost of this process is $220. Additional selectable outfits for your character are $75

Opening and ending crawls:
This tells the story of why your character is in Cracklevania and what happens after they defeat Draculina. The opening scene will consist of a picture of your character with scrolling text detailing your characters entrance to Cracklevania. The ending scene will consist of a picture or animation with scrolling text detailing what happens to your character at the end of the game.
Both of these scenes are $100 together or $120 with animated ending.

Sex animations:
Everyone loves sexy scenes with hot monsters don't they? Sex animations consist of one "love scene" followed by the "climax scene".
These scenes can be with your character and any monster or boss in the game. The cost of the love and climax scene is $75.
Custom enemies or bosses can be made at additional cost.

Like what you see? Send me a private message and we can get started!
Thank you very much for reading this and or playing this game!
If you have comments, concerns or just general questions, let us know! We want to hear from you!

If you want more Cracklevania, help support us!
Patreon - cracklevania and other game perks.

Gumroad - cracklevania updates only

or join our discord!

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