Losing: three couples twisted life...

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Losing: three couples twisted life...

Post by RavenVess » April 3rd, 2013, 3:01 pm

A kick
A scream
The pain
Losing something
That was just found again

Laney has been lost because of a high school boyfriend had when off to join the Army(any branch you chose), well he came back to his home town after he had seveicred his time.She had seen him and they had hanged up but he tells her that he found someone and was due to marry her.

A cut
A drop
The little words
Deal has been done
Sold out for a night of fun in the moon

Laney had lost her mind again after finding out this. So, she went out to find someone. This someone was not one that really cared much about her. He was just going to used her for sex. As another friend from high school has always wanted to be with Laney.Though Laney never knew.

Unfair is what one would yell
As it not fitting for what has been done.

Her high school friend and sweetheart found out about the bad guy and started to yell and told her she need better but she didn't wanted to see that they was right because she felt that they didn't wanted her to be happy but she was not truely happy.

Love and lost in hand in hand
Why must one lose it just to know that it going to happened
Yet again on because of a push
words that didn't mean what was said.

Laney had found out that everything was going down wrong and not right with the guy that she had fought for. She went to talked to the high school friend and he end up yelling at her again and pushing her away from him.

Go have fun
but really was
Stay here with me
loveing feelings
Just push them aside
It not like what we have here in this world
The world that we made for us.
Let it all go...

As Lancey end up going back to the bad guy where things started to get out hands. Yet she was in too deep with him. She had became a slave by the way he had treated her. She was not her self most of things.

It hard to now that the dreed has been done.
A life in the egde.
I don't have the hearted to end it
though it has crossed my mind a few times
and end it all for me
to leave me in the darkness and cold that now has
fulled my air... as the bond is cut or slowly slips.
As the heart dies leaving us undone.

Laney try to brake away after talking to the hight school friend again and realized that he had moved on too. She was stuck with Bad guy. So this is the story after all this. How all 3 couples co-live with each other.

People needed
Bad guy

Army guy
Army guy wife

Long lost love
High school friend
Hight school friend girlfriend

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