_-Rules of betrayal-_


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_-Rules of betrayal-_

Post by - DarkGamer - » July 3rd, 2010, 2:09 am


Captureing a player +100 Tokens
Chaseng off a player +25 Tokens
Mateing with a slave= +1 power point for your Infected boss
( at least 10 posts+climax )

--you can covert 50 tokens for every powerpoint for yourself to spend on your upgrades and so on

All your tokens Carry from your uninfected but you cannot buy ranged weapons or items
IF a immune player decide to betray his own kind to serve a infected, he then needs to change his stats to this!

( your master can upgrade you as he wishes, you are basically a monster now =3 )

Master's Name-
Class- (Pick one below)

-Mind Breaker
Changing your body with the help of the infected, your able to break the mind of the minds of many soldiers
+5 Horror +5 body
+Players are unable to use skills when your in the same room

-Half Infected
Letting your mind become one with your master, you begin to gain power like him/her
+2 charm +2 Horror +5 body
+Allowed to control 1 minion of your own but requires your master to give you power points to upgrade your minion or earn it yourself

Giving yours soul up you gain the powers to pleasure even the hardest and boldest of solders with both your body and powers
+5 charm +5 body
+ Stun the player for 2 turns when you are spotted

(( You get 25 points to spend ))

0 Body- Knock the uninfected out and capture as your slaves
Health +2
+1 Damage to health every 3 points

0 Mind- Brainwash the uninfected to do your bidding
+3 willpower every 2 points
+1 Damage to mentality every 2 points

0 Charm- Make the uninfected beg for more at the very touch
+1 Damage to Willpower every 2 points

((Players take damage in all 3 per attack ))


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