--Spreading Effect-- ((Infected look here ))


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--Spreading Effect-- ((Infected look here ))

Post by - DarkGamer - » July 1st, 2010, 6:31 am

How to set up your dungeon--

First off, you need a entrance for the players to enter and must be around one of the sides
Then you need to place walls anywhere you wish and do not show the players your map!

You will have to tell players where they end up, for example where the walls are and such for example

Player 1- "I go left and head down the hallway"

((You))- "You soon run into a dead end, walls all around and suddenly the ground rumbles from below!"

--You the BOSS cannot set off your own traps when walking around but your monsters can without upgrades

--And if their is chance involved you need to get a player not in the dungeon or ask me to roll a dice to see what happens

--Also you must send me all your dungeons before you open it to the players so you cannot change it around when being attacked

--You can aswell mess around with your slaves or enjoy your pleasures while not being attacked

--Control all your monsters and be the DM of the match, your monsters can also move around but when being attacked they can only move one block unless you buy upgrades

-- Also you do not need to base your dungeon on the section your located at!

--(( Players can see all within a area, for example if he walks into a room then he can see anything a normal person could see from his position like- The monster is 3 blocks ahead of you! and describe the room and where they can move! like 3x3 block room with a door straight ahead! ))





Uploaded with ImageShack.us


red- Monster race (Batgirls or whatever )
Green- (Hidden Pitfall with tentacle monster )
teal- Myself (Boss)
Brown- Door
Yellow- Dart trap W/ Hormone Darts


I. Monster Building
II. Upgrades and traps
III. Structures
IV. Player Rewards and Round rewards
V. Pleasures and looks

I. Building a new monster race!

Name of the monster- (Please name the race of your monster)
Bio- (Describe your monster)
Picture- ( What does your monster's race look like? )-- Not Needed
Sex- ( What sex is the monster race if it has one? )-- Not Needed
Clothing- ( What does your monster's race prefer to wear if anything) -- Not Needed
Age- ( Does your monster's race age over time? and to what degree is growth till it stops ageing or not? )
Pleasuring- ( How does your monster's race mate? ) -- Not needed
Upgrades- ( What upgrades did you buy for this certain race )

(( You get 20 points to spend ))

0 Body- Knock the uninfected out and capture as your slaves
Health +2
+1 Damage to health every 3 points

0 Mind- Brainwash the uninfected to do your bidding
+3 willpower every 2 points
+1 Damage to mentality every 2 points

0 Charm- Make the uninfected beg for more at the very touch
+1 Damage to Willpower every 2 points

((Players take damage in all 3 per attack ))

(( It cost 5 points to place 1 monster aswell they do not respawn if they die in battle ))

II. Upgrades and Traps

1- List of Upgrades for a monster race or all monsters (( Yes, you can only upgrade 1 race with some of theses ))
2- List of Traps

Longer Reach= Attack from 2 spaces away for a monster race --Cost 100 power Point

Point Pack= +5 points to use for stats for a monster race- Cost 15 Power Point

Strong Musk= -3 more willpower per attack for a monster race- Cost 8 Power Points

Oiled up= -3 willpower when in sight of the player and +to total charm attack for a monster race- Cost 10 power Points

Strong/Fit Body= +5 more damage to health and gives a +10 health - Cost 20 (unable to get longer reach )
Light/Slim Body= able for a monster race to stand on traps- Cost 20
Chubby/Fat body= Able to hold players down easier- 20% to chance to pounce+grab )) and gives a bonus +10 health- Cost 20 ((unable to get fleet foot))

Deadly Gaze= +3 to horror for a monster- Cost 8 power Points

Big Point Pack= +20 Points to use for stats to a monster Race- Cost 60

Fleet Foot= Allows monster race to Move a extra space Race- Cost 30

Deadly fangs- +3 damage to health for a monster Race- Cost 8

Pounce!- Gives the monster a 20% chance to pounce on the player and attack twice but can only be chanced once- Cost 10

Reach Around- deals double lust damage when attacking a player from behind for all your monsters- Cost 30

Strong Wings- All winged monsters can fly above pits but not above normal traps- Cost 10

Grab- All your monster has a 20% chance to grab a player then take them away anywhere (even into traps) for two turns
(can be chanced three times in battle )- Cost 15

SelfPower- +5 more points to your own stats - Cost 13

(( All traps reactivate after all players in the dungeon is dealt with !! ))

2. Traps ((Players can also jump over open/discovered pit, don't forget to tell em that when it comes up !))

Wall master- A giant hand drops onto the player and sends them back to the entrance of the dungon (( Usable once in till all traps reset ))- 20 Power Points

Grabbers- Hands that are attached to a wall and try to grab a player, pinning him/her back for 4 turns but are easily spotted and can disarmed
((Grabbers are NOT HIDDEN but if you can grab the player with a monster, you can toss him into this trap or any trap btw ))-- 10 power points

Floor master- A giant hand grabs the player from below and can carry the player 6 spaces anywhere then drops the player and also deals 5 damage to their mind- 15 power points

Iron Maiden- If the player is tossed into this the player the door closes and all the vibrators that fill the ironmaiden activate all at once! the player loses 25 willpower-- 25 power points


Quicksand- Drops the player directly on the floor below him- 10 power points (( requires another floor below where this trap is placed ))

Nightmare Gas- if the player sets off this trap their mind is filled with terror and take 15 damage to their mind!- 25 power points

Flip Block- The ground flips from below and knocks the player 1 block ahead- 15 power points

Gas Trap-- Once set off, gives a 10% chance of knocking out the player!- Cost 25 power points

Tar Trap- If the player accidentally walks into one of theses hidden tar traps then they cannot move for 3 turns!- 10 Power points

-( The floor falls in and keeps the players held in sticky tar! )

Waterhole- Water based monsters can hide into this water and surprise the player- 10 power points

-(The hole is square and based off of your theme and can be as big as you want it to be, even a whole room )

Ribbon-bind!- If a player accidentally walks onto his hidden trap then they cannot attack for 3 turns- 25 power points

-( the ribbons come out magical from the ground from a magic seal on the ground and bind their arms but they can still move )

Pit- A huge deep hole in the ground~ the start of a great trap!- Cost 5 power point

Pitfall- A deep fall into a lower section, placeable monster below aswell- cost 3 power points- need Pit
((For example you could place a tentacle monster below and make a tentacle trap! or snake pit! ))

Hidden pit- Make it seem as if the pit wasn't even their!- Cost 5 power point- need pit
((Players can use a turn to inspect the ground beforehand to see if their is a pit ))

Hidden Teleporter- 50% chance to teleport a player anywhere you pick on the map!- cost 30 power points
(( Don't teleport thim into a enclosed place X3 ))

Dart Trap- Shoots out darts towards the player! 50% chance to hit - Cost 20 power points ((Must be placed inbetween two walls))
Now pick what type of darts you would like

Poison darts- hurts the player's health by 16
Horemore darts- drains the player's willpower by 16
Drugged darts- strikes fear into the eyes of the player by 16

Trigger Remote- Allows you to withhold triggering all your trap and activating them when you wish so- Cost 20 Power Points
((Players can see inspect for traps and disable them beforehand))


III. Structures

Wall- Blocks players overall- Free

Chest- Place items or things into theses!- free

Trapdoor- Allows a path to one trap door to another for your monsters and self but players can use it to -2 point

TrapGate- If a player enters a square room the gate locks all ways in and out till all monsters inside are killed or the player is defeated - 10 points
((Cannot be placed at entrances and only on doorways, it does not take affect if disable or the door is broken down with a breaching Charge, you don't have to buy extra trap gates for all extra doors in a room and if their are no extra doors and just a passageway then the passage way does not get blocked ))

Boss Room Door- Needs a key before the door can be opened and you can only place one in your dungeon -10 points (( you must place the key somewhere the players can get it!! whether it be on a monster or in a chest and you are the Boss x3 as you control everything ))

Fake Boss Room Key- Place a fake key to confuse to lure the players into areas! -10 Points

Doorway- A nice door that blocks view inside a room in till opened -1 point

Stairway- Allows a path downwards or upwards a floor -20 power points

5x5 room- 50 power points

10x10 room- 100 power points

20x20 room- 180 power points

(( I will send you the grids for each if you message me, you can also add to a room to make it bigger ))

(( you can also place new rooms in a other or the same sector for a new dungeon ! ))

IV. Reward system

enslaved a player +30 power points! (( Only counts after battle ))

Matting a slave with a monster or yourself ((Gives birth to a extra monster after 5 turns after climaxing inside )) ((You decide the monster that you/she gives birth to if you decide to mate ))

Defeated (( Starts back over to the max gained power-points ))

Chased off a player +5 point

Take over a section- +100 power points (( This requires you to enslave all players ))


V. Pleasures and looks

Normal themed dungeon or room- Make your dungeon or room plan and simple -Free

Jungle themed dungeon or room- Make your dungeon or room filled with trees and vines, plants and flowers -Free

Evil themed dungeon or room- Make your dungeon or room filled with demonic looking items and accessory -Free

Custom themed dungeon or room- Make your very own custom looking dungeon or room -Free to x3

Slave Chamber- A nice little place to keep all your captured players so they won't be running all around- 10 power points

Throne- A powerful high place to show others your not someone to mess with!- Free

Custom Structures or furniture- Decide your own item or whatnaught- Free


Once you are done making your dungeon you can send it to me and I shall make a opening, please request which sector you want to open your dungeon in to and you can have more then one dungeon in a sector and send me all your edits as you can edit your dungeon when their are no players in battle or in your dungeon, you CAN EDIT when you have SLAVES tho

||This page will update at times so keep a eye out ||


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