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Help some bros out, please.

Post by D_Vanhoxen » June 1st, 2018, 8:04 pm

Our boi's Patreon is totally suspended, and I'm pretty sure it's because it has the buzzword of "rape," in it, which clearly whatever bot did it didn't read into the description of to know what he was meaning when he called it rape.

The ironic thing is, TP has pioneered a whole gaming genre as it were, known as "Run or Rape," and it's basically something where the character goes along, (empowering, actually, in a way) beats up other horny characters, and tries to stay OUT of other males' (or females') pants! But because they're cartoon characters, they're not completely adversed to getting sexed up, and they're not really harmed over it. None of this is actually promoting rape, and if anything, should encourage some gal to get some self-defense classes or something!

For when it gets unbanned out of this joke of a travesty:

TL;DR: ToonPimp made a whole sexy gaming platformer/fighting genre called Run or Rape, because it rolled off the tongue, and not because we were sex trafficking waman. Our Patreon suspension was the thanks we got for it, along with hundreds of people across the web who don't even so much as acknowledge TP's existence.

Anyways, we don't know if we'll be kicked to the streets or not (maybe), because most of our living fund was concentrated into UltimateRoR. Any current UltimateRoR patrons, or people passing by, please support our other Patreon to help ensure this don't happen to us while Patreon ignores our emails that ask about the suspension. Thank you all.

Anyways, in other news, most everyone from a few years ago has vanished from these servers, but just to clear the air (just for those actually wondering, being, not bots), the forums were busted for a while, but they're working again. Anyways, check ToonPimp's post on the ToonPimp Games board (for all game news, mind you. We've got Run Minerva Run 2 on hand at the moment), and we'll both see ya down at the Podophiliac Game Union!
Pods! As in, not related to Tide pods, but your feet. That's character feet. You can crack one off to masturbating toons presenting plenty of feet!
And, here's the new ToonPimp Discord Server!

Later, beaches.

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