Excursion into the Unknown

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Re: Excursion into the Unknown

Post by aremihc » July 8th, 2012, 3:00 pm

Kosal had skulked through the shadows like a being of nightmare, moving and freezing his body in indiscernible shapes to disguise his humanoid form. The result was that even if a being had looked directly at him they would have passed him off as a shadow. His sweat had tuned to the faint aroma of vegetation that lingered in the mansion’s corridors, and the film of it itself subtly masked his body heat to the surrounding cameras. But now chaos had broken loose and a security alert had been raised, such amazing abilities were rendered pointless and he would have to call upon what came naturally in tense standoffs of the kind before him.

He cared little for the beings in front of him; he had seen and fought many stranger things in his time than a sentient Venus fly trap protecting a small round-headed humanoid plant-girl. He slunk out of the statue’s shadow and slumped to the floor to move on his belly like a lizard, below the view of any involved. The only directive driving his advance was the ambush of the unsuspecting guard carrying many litres of flammable liquids and fumes under pressure on a tank upon his back.

The first thing he would do was change the oily sweat on his skin to mimic that of a heat resistant gel. It would do naught for temperatures of over a thousand degrees, but the majority of serious burns would be happily avoided, hopefully. The only indication the guard would have of Kosal’s presence, was the suddenly pungent smell of this chemical, before the machete buried itself through his helmet and halfway into his skull.

Kosal tore the gas tank from the guard, broke its primary valve, held it up high and strode into the firing range of guards. “TURN OFF YOUR PILOT LIGHTS!” he roared, “OR WE ALL DIE!”

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Re: Excursion into the Unknown

Post by Evil Evi » August 18th, 2012, 9:32 am


Strength: 1
Skill: 9
Body: 8

Health: 9
Stamina 12
M. Damage: 1
R. Damage: 4

Bloom smiled softly as Elliot laughed and watched as he went back to his plant and sink down into it. Looking abit confused as sounds from where Elliot was started to emit, but she decided to ignore it until Elliot returned, having grown a pair of legs. She felt Elliot's new legs as she stood there, but she doesn't notice his armour. "Legs?" Bloom asked softly, before shrugging off the question. She felt his vine wrap around her bare shoulders, being held close to Elliot as he moved her over to the door. She felt herself be moved to one side of the door, wincing slightly at the long squeaking and jumps at the alarm going off, hurting her head slightly. She nodded to Elliot before she felt nearly 12 guards run in towards them. She felt their presence disappear for a moment before feeling them once again, laying on the ground. She heard Elliot, then felt him grab and pull her as he ran out past the door and downed guards. She started to run with Elliot, trying to keep up with his pace...

Bloom felt 8 more guards come their way, before their presence disappeared and reappeared with them on the ground... Bloom froze along with Elliot as she felt nearly 2 dozen more come towards them, slightly heavier than the rest with the added weapons they had. Bloom kept herself glued to Elliot's side as he mumbles out 'flamethrowers', making Bloom start to tremble in fear. Her trembling lessened when Elliot said they won't fire with her here. She then felt a different presence, different from the human guards.
"H-hello...?" She spoke out slightly loudly, "W-where ever you are, please help us..." She pleaded slightly before yelping out in terror as she hears the flames from a flamethrower, feeling Elliot's vines getting licked at from the flames. She then felt the other presence come out, feeling one of the guards falling to the ground, alot of other actions that confused her slightly, then trembled in fear as the mysterious creature roared out at the guards. Whatever he did, he took care of one of the guards, but despite her fear, she hopes this person will help them escape from this place.

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