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Grrl Power RP

Post by Shadow2k » February 19th, 2012, 2:54 pm

Recently I've been experimenting with a number of side-projects to generate ideas and inspirations for future work on Grrl Power (my RPG, found elsewhere in this forum). As part of this, I've decided to try running an RP here based on the game. This will give me a chance to see how such a concept might work in a multi-player environment. It might be a failure, but that's what I want to find out. It's an experiment, but I think it will be fun. Here's the idea:

The world of Grrl Power is basically 21st Century Earth, and takes place in Capital City, a fictional city in an undisclosed country. Unlike the RPG, the game is not an open-world game, however the particulars of the scenario are determined by the players who sign up. The characters for this RP can either be members of Grrl Power International, or they can be Rogues. I also want to have one Mastermind who will act as an antagonist. Also, all girls (at least from Earth) gain the ability to produce breastmilk at the onset of puberty. There is a story reason for this, ask if you want to know.

Clothing is a big part of Grrl Power. It's not just "in the way". I like to use it to enhance the sex as well as other things - for instance, you may be able to enchant clothes as a bonus ability. Some clothes could also be used as uniforms. Underwear is private and having it exposed can enhance the rape experience. For this reason I recommend hiding your underwear description in invisible text (Font Color #303030) so that it can only be seen by highlighting the text. Of course, this means people will have to be trusted not to peek! You can also hide descriptions of your erogenous zones this way. If you do get to see someone's private parts during the RP, then you can highlight the invisible text to see it. Here is an example (and test): this text should be invisible until highlighted. This also assumes everyone is using the lucid lime color scheme, which I can't guarantee. If someone's hidden items are rendered visible, you can put them in your rp text without blacking it out since by that point everyone can see them. I find this mystery enhances the experience for me, and in Grrl Power, clothing and the destruction of it are part of the fun, so I want to accentuate this in the RP.

Creating a character:
Name: (You need to have a name, but it can be anything you want)
Race: (Human or otherwise - in Grrl Power, Earth has been visited by aliens though not overtly - unless you look human, you will either have to hide your race or be considered a freak)
Age: (self-explanatory)
Sex: (Male or Female - Males cannot be members of Grrl Power however they can assist the organization as consultants)
Faction: (Grrl Power or Rogue, if you want to be the Mastermind PM me. We need one mastermind and there can't be two, see below for faction descriptions)
HP: (Most humans have 3 hp. Reaching 0 or less results in defeat. If you want more or less, clear it with me first. HP normally recharges by resting outside of combat.)
Energy: (Most characters will have 3 energy points - these are used to activate your powers. Energy completely recharges between battles and can be recovered in combat by focusing.)
AP: (Action Points, this is how many single actions you can perform in a combat round. Default is 3. The list is:
Move to (1AP) - Move to a character or Object. Requires 3 AP if the character or object is in the Long Range zone.
Fall Back (2AP) - moves you to general Long Range. You can't do this if you're already at Long Range. Your location will be set to Open.
Retreat (1AP) - attempts to flee from battle. Can only be done at Long Range and may fail. A successful retreat will take that character out of the battle. If one side completely retreats, the battle is over. Whoever is still in the battle can decide what to do with the loot and/or casualties.
Attack (1AP, 1 Energy) - you need to be at a character or npc to attack in melee. By default, all attacks do 1 HP of damage unless special. Ranged attacks can be performed if you are not located at an enemy.
Dodge/Block (2AP) - allows you to ignore damage from one melee attack, useful if you're expecting a large amount of damage. ranged attacks cannot be dodged or blocked - so find cover.
Use Power (1AP, 1 Energy) - Use a non-attack power. Depending on the situation, I may declare a power to use more than 1AP or 1 Energy.
Focus(1AP) - Recover 1 Energy during combat. Might want to follow this up with a block just to be safe.
Rape (3AP) - perform some rape action (you can only do this when you have engaged rape against a defeated opponent)
This is basically whatever you can do to someone within the space of about 30 seconds. Doing this in combat can be risky.
Kill (2AP) - kill a defeated character (consensual - see below)
Rip Clothes (1AP) - destroy one article of clothing from a helpless player at your location
Take Clothes (2AP) - remove one article of clothing from a helpless player at your location and put it in your inventory (used to take trophies)

(Do not use this section to describe your clothes. Here you can describe your character's features, such as skin color, hair color, fur color, facial features, eyes, etc. For private parts, you may want to hide the description in hidden text (html #303030) for an element of mystery.)
Current Outfit:
(This will be your current clothes. There are some things to keep in mind with this. Although you can have any outfit you want, you have to have your private parts covered, else you wouldn't have made it to the mission without getting arrested, and if you pick clothes that are from another planet or otherwise use materials not available on Earth, you may not be able to replace them if they get damaged. You can replace damaged or destroyed clothes at your safehouse. Hide underwear with color code #303030 if you want it to be a mystery.)
Primary Trait:
(This is what your character is known for, what they are best at. Some possibilities:
Arsenal: You're a master of firearms and mundane weaponry. You can carry a large assortment of guns and/or melee weapons and you know how to use them.
Inventor: You're a super-genius who has constructed various gadgets and technology (including unique guns and weapons). You always seem to have some kind of gadget for the situation.
Sorceror: You come from a long line of magic users. There are few magic users left in the world and you are one of them. Your various spells give you the ability to adapt to any situation.
Mutant: Your abilities come from mutations. These mutations may have been a result of natural evolution, exposure to strange energy sources, or alien tampering. You tend to regenerate health quickly, are stronger than you appear to be, faster, and you may have abilities like poison spit or the ability to set parts of your body on fire.
Training: You have trained yourself to be a powerful fighter. You will probably have martial arts skills, better stealth, overall better physical and mental stats, and you can use almost anything you find as a weapon.
Alien: Your abilities come from your alien race. You have abilities which are second-nature to you that humans do not have. What these abilities are is up to you and the gamemaster.)
Secondary Trait:
(This is an extra ability which you can use to your advantage. Choose one. I may add more later but for now these are the choices:
Extra Health: +1 HP
Extra Energy: +1 Energy
Adaptive: You can trade 1 HP for 1 Energy at any time, or vice versa. Doing this in combat uses 2 AP per point.
Lucky: +1 in your favor for all die rolls unless you roll a crit.)
Enchanted/Augmented Item: A wearable item (such as a magic bra) that's part of your outfit and gives a specific bonus. Discuss this with me at the beginning of the game. Anyone that wears this item will get the bonus, but as such it can be better than the other Secondary Traits.
(special items, this does not include your guns or power-specific items since these are whatever you want. Clothes in your inventory go into your Outfit when you put them on.)

New players can join at any time, which makes the battles unpredictable but only to a point.

Combat is fairly simple. There are two zones in combat: Main Battle and Long Range. During combat, you will have the following indicators:
Zone: (Main Battle or Long Range)
Location: (Area feature or Characters you are next to, if Open or None, you are not behind cover and not within melee range of anyone)

Your Location determines what you can attack in melee, as well as what can attack you in melee. You cannot fire a ranged attack if there is an enemy next to you, they will interrupt you (unless they specifically say they won't, or if they are unconscious or helpless). Everyone has both melee attacks and ranged attacks. You can determine the nature of these as you wish. This is to keep things simple. All damage done is worth 1HP unless there is a special condition (I will declare these). The only real difference between Main Battle and Long Range is the time it takes to move in these zones. Moving around at Long Range takes longer. If your location is an object that can be used for cover, all incoming ranged attacks have to succeed a d6 roll to get past or around the cover object in order to damage you. The size of the cover object determines the roll objective and you have to roll over the size to hit (objects can be from 1 to 5 in size). Otherwise, all attacks hit and do damage. There are no accuracy rolls. Regardless of where you are, you can fire ranged attacks at any character regardless of where they are, unless you are interrupted by a melee opponent. Your location can consist of both a cover object and any number of npc's or characters. Being located at a friendly npc or character can be useful since you can team up on opponents in melee. If a reasonable majority of players are located at a specific location in Long Range, then Long Range and Main Battle switch. Use a 6-sided die for all roles. This combat system should theoretically force players to take cover when combat starts and battles should be over quickly since it doesn't take alot of damage to bring someone down. I want to avoid the situation in many RP's where battles can get overly complicated and drawn out.

An example object list for a battle would be:
Table and Chairs 1 (Main Battle, cover 2)
Vending Machine 1 (Long Range, cover 4)
Door 1 (Long Range, cover 1)
Table and Chairs 2 (Long Range, cover 2)

Objects may get destroyed randomly during battles as well, so be prepared in case your cover gets destroyed or moved.

If you reach 0 HP, you are defeated. At this point you and your opponent have a decision to make:
Death (Your character is killed, and you can now make a new one - this one's not so fun but I'm allowing it anyway)
Rape (Your character is raped and may get pregnant, and you are no longer in combat unless you get free somehow - you probably won't have control over whether this happens or not.)
KO (You fall unconscious)

Keep in mind if you rape a character on the spot you may be interrupted by other players if they get close. It might be better to knock them out and then come back to them later. Dead characters can also be raped. It's not my thing but I'll allow it. A KO'd character can also be raped but might wake up (their choice). The winner of the fight (ie: the one that's not defeated) gets to choose what to do to you if you get defeated, but if you REALLY don't want to be raped or killed, you can petition for intervention. You can also use the safe word which is "Rule 34". This implies that your character might still have been raped but it occured in an alternate reality and not in this one (feel free to draw pics of it). In this case, we skip over the rape and pretend it never happened. Your character is just considered KO'd. If a player refuses to be raped or killed (thereby ending up KO'd), the winner can leave them for dead (maybe he thinks she's already dead), dump them in a ditch or garbage bin, or carry them off. This way you can have a player who seems to die but then come back later. You can even work this out secretly with me via PM if you like.

Raped characters can also "surrender". This means they lose the will to continue the fight and the player loses control over them. They can still be rescued, but are so traumatized that they retire from adventuring once they are free. At this point the player can make a new character as if their old one was dead.

All normal attacks have a small chance to damage/destroy an article of clothing in addition to causing the normal amount of HP damage. If you are helpless (held or defeated), your clothes are at the mercy of anyone in melee range. Anyone located near you can expend 1AP to destroy an article of clothing, or 2AP to remove it without damaging it. Taking a character's clothes intact is useful since you can keep it as a trophy or wear it. Some clothes may be special as well, for instance, if a player enchants some item they are wearing - damaging or destroying it would remove the enchantment but if you take it intact you can wear it and get the benefits. Also, dressing like a character may allow you to disguise yourself, but you will need enough of the outfit intact.

If a character is impregnated, depending on various factors, she may come to term very quickly (such as in the case of alien spawn). In most cases, this won't come into affect for 24 hours of game time.

Party Defeat:
If the party is defeated, new characters can be created and another attempt made. The other option is to end the RP. Optionally, we can RP the fate of the party members for as long as desired. If they all get captured, maybe they are raped for the rest of their lives. Or maybe the Mastermind just kills them. It's up to the Mastermind.

Grrl Power International (GPI):
A worldwide organization dedicated to helping girls make a difference in the world. Although it started as a humanitarian organization, it has grown into a large multi-industry non-profit corporation. The section of GPI the players are involved with deals with the rise in crime and global chaos which is a result of increasing political pressure, runaway technological advancement, and economic problems. GPI trains girls in basic self-defense and teaches them how to unlock the talents unique to each one to accomplish whatever they want. For the purposes of this RP, the players who are members of GPI are a party formed to investigate the dissapearance of a fellow member. This will lead them to the Mastermind's lair, where the game begins. GPI members don't necessarily have a uniform, they can wear whatever they like. If you like uniforms, there are sub-groups within Grrl Power that operate like academies. Many of these sub-groups have uniforms. One option is for several players to all be part of such a group and have this uniform as their outfits.

Not so much a faction as it is just "everyone else". Think of them like mercenaries. They may be male or female, they may be working with GPI or for the Mastermind, or just be doing their own thing. Perhaps it's a bounty hunter whose target is one of the Mastermind's minions. Or maybe a mysterious stranger with unknown motives.

The Mastermind:
AKA whatever you want. This is one player who is basically the "boss enemy". He is unique in that he can start the game with 2 Secondary Traits, and can choose from a number of additional special traits based on the number of players working for him and against him. These abilities will have to be discussed between this player and myself at the beginning of the game. This makes him more powerful than any other character. He also controls all of his minions (except other players). His ultimate agenda is unknown at the beginning of the game. If you are the Mastermind, you can decide why you've kidnapped this random girl. Some possibilities:
You've set a trap for the GPI girls, hoping to capture them and use them to breed an army of ideal soldiers for your world domination scheme.
You got really horny one night and decided to abduct a poor girl for your pleasures.
You're an alien beast looking for a human brood mother (or several) to spawn an army of hybrid soldiers.
You're a crimelord and she was the daughter of an influential politician whom you are now using as leverage to force political change.
You're obsessed with breastmilk. You intend to collect girls and harvest their breasts to unlock the secrets behind the rumored powers of breastmilk.
Some combination of the above may also be interesting. Be creative.

The Mastermind has a base of his/her design - maybe an abandoned warehouse, a cave, another dimension, an alien mothership, whatever. Either way, somehow the GPI team has gained access to it. The Mastermind should provide an access method to explain how this happened. The Mastermind can also determine what their minions are. Alien soldiers, loyal thugs, mercenaries, tentacle monsters, some combination of these? Be creative, however keep in mind they are just minions. They aren't very powerful. As Mastermind, you can play any character under your command, but only one character per battle. This way you don't have to be personally involved in each fight. You can possess a minion commander or something equivalent. Note that this commander will not have your character's abilities (those come into play when/if the GPI team reaches you and begins the Final Battle). The commander will have the default 3 hp, 3 energy, and 3 AP, and powers appropriate to your other minions. You can give your minions orders in battle. A normal minion has 1 hp, 3 energy, and 3 AP. Typical battles will contain a variable number of minions. I will try to keep it fair so that the GPI team isn't overwhelmed right at the start of the game. Battles and encounters will occur in a partly logical, party random way as the team moves through the base. I'll try to gauge the overall direction of the game and lead it toward an outcome that the majority of the players (if not all) will enjoy, whether that be eliminating the Mastermind or having all the girls get raped, or whatever else. Treat this like most RP's, that is it's a community experience, not so much a game. We all like to win, but I think the reason most of us are here is because we also like sex.

Also, consensual sex is always allowed, it's just that Grrl Power tends to be focused on rape, and I'm not sure there will be many opportunities for consensual sex within the context of this specific scenario. Still, in an RP anything can happen. Let's see what happens!

Victory Conditions:
Mastermind Defeated: GPI Team wins.
GPI Team Defeated: Mastermind wins.
Other (?): There may be other ways for the game to end.

Future games (if I decide to go with them) will probably take into account the ending state of this one.

I'll update this post as needed with information as the game progresses and based on initial feedback.

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Re: Grrl Power RP

Post by Shadow2k » February 19th, 2012, 3:28 pm

More Stuff (didn't have room in the original post):

The game starts at the entrance to the Mastermind's Base, however players can leave the base and come back. Minions can reappear in areas that have been previously cleared (and often will - because they are responding to the incursion), so it's important for the party to stick together. If someone has to leave the base (such as to replace lost clothes), the entire party should accompany them. Splitting up would put everyone at risk. However, I'm not going to force this on the players. If you want to split up, you can, just be aware of the risks. Part of this is to establish that every member of the party is important and powerful. If one gets captured, the others should try to rescue her, especially since she could be used by the Mastermind against them. Player character girls are no ordinary girls, they are stronger, faster, smarter, and overall better in combat than ordinary members of their race - as such, thier milk contains the essence of their character, and ingesting it can grant enhanced abilities for a short time. Therefore, if a member of the team is captured and harvested, random minions will get abilities based on her primary or second traits. The Mastermind can also get these abilities if he chooses to drink the milk, however he won't have time to stockpile the milk so if the character is rescued, he loses the benefits. Even if the captured girl surrenders, she should still be rescued (maybe with the player's new character's help). She will not be able to rejoin the RP, but at least the enemy won't be able to use her milk anymore. However, keep in mind breastmilk still has a stigma in this world and most people consider it disgusting. Whether or not your character shares that viewpoint is up to you. Most of the minions do, but not all (hence the random minions gaining benefits when a girl is captured.)

Here is a blank character sheet:

HP: 3/3
Energy: 3/3
AP: 3/3
Current Outfit:
Primary Trait:
Secondary Trait:

And a sample character:

Name: Quinn Patrick
Race: Human
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Faction: Grrl Power International
HP: 3/3
Energy: 5/5 (Bonus: +2 Utility Belt)
AP: 3/3
- A short, nerdy looking girl with large glasses that slightly magnify her dark brown eyes. She has dark brown hair which she keeps in a ponytail. Unless you're into nerds, you'd probably find her unattractive. That said, she has unusually large breasts, which are usually enough to attract most men, regardless of anything else. Her posture and demeanor reflect a superiority complex mixed with an antisocial nature.
Current Outfit:
- Large Glasses
- A white buttoned blouse with two pockets, both of which appear to be full of tools and components
- Blue-jean gadgeteer's overalls, also with pockets full of hardware
- Quinn's Utility Belt (augmented, +2 Energy) - custom made by Quinn and designed to enhance her gadgeteering abilities
- A glowing bracelet which seems to shift colors slowly
- Pink and white tennis shoes with white socks
- A pouch-girdle strapped to her left leg
- An ammo-girdle strapped to her right leg
- Bra: A white 32DD satin bra with a red polka dot pattern
- Underwear: A pair of pink cotton panties
Primary Trait:
- Gadgeteer: Quinn is a brilliant inventor, and has an assortment of gadgets at her disposal, as well as the intelligence, tools, components, and skill necessary to fabricate new ingenious devices on the fly.
Secondary Trait:
- Augmented Item: Utility Belt, +2 Energy while worn.
- nothing special

I may have Quinn accompany the party, not sure about it yet. At least she's an example.

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