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Roleplay FAQ

Post by Mewdles » May 6th, 2011, 1:32 pm

How does the whole RP Thread and OOC Thread system work?

Its a fairly simple system that helps avoid cluttering the forum with too many sub-forums. By using the primary forum for threads where the RPing occurs and placing the OOC content into a thread in a sub-forum helps keep things organized. So the process of creating your RP goes something like this:
  • Create Your RP Thread! - Post this thread in the main Roleplay forum, this is where your players will mostly RP.
  • Create Your OOC Thread! - Post this thread in the Roleplay OOC forum, this is where you post the information for your RP and where players provide information about their characters.
  • Link Your Threads! - By linking your threads together, it makes transitioning between them easier for players to access information. This can be done using something similar to this:

    Code: Select all

    [url=MAIN RP THREAD URL]>> RP THREAD[/url] \* This goes in your OOC Thread. \*
    [url=OOC THREAD URL]>> OOC THREAD[/url] \* This goes in your RP Thread. \*
What if I just want to start something more simple and quick?

Then you don't need to make an OOC Thread if its just you and a few friends RPing and having fun. The Roleplay OOC sub-forum is intended to help more structured games with abundant information to better organized it without cluttering threads.

Is it possible to get my own sub-forum still?

This option is no longer available for just any RP anymore. RPs with extensive structured systems that require far too many different threads and means of organization may inquire a sub-forum.

What happens when RPs become inactive?

The 30-Day Inactivity Grace Period has been removed completely allowing threads to sit for as long as they want as the new established system will allow newer more active RPs to stay on top of the older. Though, I cannot stress hard enough, that newcomers should avoid necroing old inactive RPs.

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