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The Silents is broken, your eyes are open and your heart is beating...

In the blurred visors two bug-eyed things stand over you as metal claws hold you down...

Your limbs are cold as if numb but their still there, and then the needle comes and it all gos black again...

You were Abducted...


Long Story short, you've been taken by aliens, what they want is unclear? but your not alone.

Now because of they have stasis pods, you could be anything.

You could be from Earth or Any other planet. You can be a Caveman from the stone age to a modern person. both Anthro,Alien and Human is ok.

Powers: if you are a powered being, they've been disabled via medical or technically.

Starting, although at the start you'll wake up striped of everything, your items that you had on your person at the time you were taken are somewhere in the ship. maybe you'll find them during your times outside your cells.




Name: Kate Landcaster
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Time taken: 2010
Bio: A big, mean marine bitch from L.A, she was on the U.S.S Kennedy deck when she was taken.
Image: Image
(A description is ok if you don't have one.)



1. No godmodding
2. if you are to eascape, you must have a plan. no instant get away.
3. Weapons are rare, re-capture will lose them. Hint: if you think your going to lose and have a chance to hide something. you can.
4. Aliens are everywhere, watch your step.
5. Rape: will happen but if you can do it to other captives. but you'll lose their trust. maybe some small talk can make them willing.
6. Death. they aliens want you alive for now but they can kill you. if you die you can be cloned in the lab. but your items before you death will be on your former body. if your recaptured after cloning, the body will be in the Bio-labs.



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