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Survive the Night RP

Post by ~Drake~ » April 28th, 2010, 1:13 am

In a time where science was at its peak and people could go to the doctor to find out how to cure anything, even staph, and genital warts, there was one thing that couldn't be cured. Its called necrofleshiatus. Basically a disease that eats the skin and nerves, and in a desperate attempt to cure the disease a scientist by the name of Dr. Harrison stayed in the office working on the cure. When his cure was 60% finished he was adding a serum to the cure that would multiply how much of the cure is inside of your body.

However while he was working on it, he was getting drowsy from staying up a few days straight working on the cure. As he was adding the final touches to the cure and was making it complete, he misread the labels he had on test tubes and added the wrong tube, which actually reversed the effects of the cure and made it a volatile toxin that is contagious. After the 4th night of few hours of sleep he finally passed out right on the spot and fell asleep. In his dreams he was thrashing about, which caused him to do so in reality. Accidentally hitting the "cure" he knocked it over and it landed all over him. Infecting him with the was once cure and now is a virus. As it absorbed into his skin, he began to thrash about even more. It was eating his skin, and his nerves, and his muscles.

He instead of creating a cure, actually created a virus similar to necrofleshiatus. Instead of it just killing him, it killed him, and left his body alive but in a dead state. His muscles weren't completely eaten, nor his nerves, nor his skin. He then became the living dead. No longer needing sleep he stuck around in the office and did nothing. When other people arrived he found them, and attacked them, thus effectively spreading the virus to them, and when they got out of the building they spread it to others, and soon enough doctors had it, nurses had it, lawyers had it from coming into contact with the attacked people, police officers had it, all of the people had it. Only a select few people who learned of the virus before hand and sought out shelter within their own homes or within a specialized bunker like location kept themselves very much alive.

You are one of the select few hundred thousand who survived by seeking shelter after watching the news of said virus. Deciding it was best to stock up on weapons and things you found yourself in a fight against the world. Its your job to find Dr. Harrison who caused the virus and get rid of him. Thats the weakness of the virus, if the one who caused it dies, the whole virus will eventually be lifted. Also, be sure to investigate any corps you go by. There is rumor going around (pun intended) that there is a corporation/organization that is using this virus, as a trump card.

Are you all ready... for round 1?

Difficulty: Extermination
Name: Drake
Hp 40/40  Str.5+5 = 10   Agi: 4 + 5 = 9   Sta: 5+5 = 10
Luck: 4+5= 9   Def: 2+10 = 12   Acc: 10+5 = 15
Items: M416 full clip +3 extra full clips and 2 empty clips/Combat Knife


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