Live from the Champagne Room! ~ ToonPimp Palace Live Party RP!

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Live from the Champagne Room! ~ ToonPimp Palace Live Party RP!

Post by Rya-Kun » January 10th, 2010, 12:11 pm

Hello! And welcome to this thread!

This thread is to show information and various other things about a chatroom event that will be taking place on a weekly basis at a certain time!

This Roleplay is about the people of ToonPimp's palace and how they love to party and have fun in the champagne room!

Only a few people are actually needed to play characters in this event, people who take the time to play these characters will be given moderator status of the Roleplay chatroom.

Needed Characters:

Bartender: The man(or woman) that works the bar and makes drinks and various refreshments for people!
He(or she) can also have alittle fun if he/she wants, But can't leave the bar for too long, We all know furries can enjoy their drinks :)

Bouncers (2): People that work the door and take care of people who are causing trouble (In this case, acting out of character or spamming the chat room with nonsensical bs.)

Everyone else can simply show up as themselves, Have fun and party down!!
Feel Free to invite your friends aswell from other sites or any other places :)


Setting: The Champagne Room of ToonPimp's Palace.

Areas of entertainment:

Pool Table
Big screen TV
Ogelors Dungeon
Various private rooms
Relaxation Area
Swimming Pool
Dressing Room (With many outfits for you to try on! Girls beware :) Clothes may not be as covering as you want )
Gift Shop (for marijuana or various sex toys or other toonpimp souvenirs)


The only current problem is the time! A poll will be placed soon or you can post here.
Which of these times best works for the people of this forum.

** The party will last roughly 2 hours so you can come and leave at any time you want **
** All times are in North American central standard time **


7:00PM-9:00PM CST
8:00PM-10:00PM CST
9:00PM-11:00PM CST


9:00PM-11:00PM CST
10:00PM-12:00PM CST
11:00PM-1:00AM CST


7:00-9:00PM CST
8:00-10:00PM CST
9:00-11:00PM CST

Feel free to add any character biographics, what you wear, what you look like or anything you want in this thread!
This thread will be updated at a later date with more information and the correct time for the party!

Reminder: The party will be every week at the same time taking place here:
It'll take place in the Roleplay channel or i might simply add a ChampagneRoom Channel :)

Thanks for reading!!
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