How To: Post A Game

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How To: Post A Game

Post by Mewdles » June 22nd, 2009, 3:22 pm

How To: Post A Game

Got a game you want to post for all to enjoy?
Use this basic format for best results and don't forget to first play the game before you post them.

Be sure to post NEW games in their own thread. If you find an update for a game that has already been posted add a comment to the respective thread with the update.

Code: Select all

[img]Screenshot/Title Screen[/img]

[size=150][b]Game Name[/b][/size]
[align=center][i]"Brief description of the game."[/i][/align]

[b]Content[/b]: (What does the game consist of?)

[b]Download[/b]: (Post a download link for the game. Please make sure it works!)

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