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Arcade Guide

Post by Nolatare » January 18th, 2012, 6:02 pm

Arcade Guide


  • DLSite game rips, bootlegs or copies are not allowed.*
    • Development, discussion and demos of DLsite products are allowed.
  • Any game, patch, mod or other relative works that are available for free are allowed.
  • Post all SWF or Flash games here.
  • Make all requests of games or related content here.
  • Please be respectful to developers, members and their associative works.
  • Stay on topic and refrain from frivolous debates and drama.

The Arcade rules are and will be subject to change. Please be aware of any changes or additions to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Banned Games

  • Any content from TP's Sponsors is not to be shared here unless given special permission ( Vanja's World, BoneTown, Pleasure Bon Bon, etc ).
  • Sailor Moon ROR Game
  • Games that have been recently released.
  • NearFatal's games, with the exception of Ghost House ( Part 1 ).

Privately sharing content is allowed for as long it isn't publicly shared here.



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