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Technical help (under construction)

Posted: February 6th, 2010, 2:06 am
by Lexxus
The following things are a list of common issues people round' these parts continue polluting our forum with. In order to stop the stupidity (though I do understand some of you are simply new at this shiny new internet thing) I'm going to construct a list of Issues and solutions when I have time.



1) "where can I find info on"
2) Quit fishing links! Rip the damn flash!
3) Japanese Local settings made easy
4) RPG Maker halpsez! ( Coming soon)
    5 and beyond to be added when I remember what they were

1)"where can I find info on"

Often times the simplest solution is the one thats hardest to grasp. No where is this more obvious on the interwebz then the infamous Lines "Where can I find this" or "does anyone know what this is" or " how do I do that again?"

 Its dumb I gotta say this but here it is:
               Before you ask, LURK MOER! If an issue seems obvious to you after downloading a file or attempting to run a program ,its probably been obvious to someone else earlier in the thread,read the damn thing before asking.

Another solution is seriously.... its loaded with trash these days but often times typing in (literally the phrase) whatever you wanna ask will yield results...

This doesent mean your not allowed to ask for help or anything concerning technical issues or finding stuff online,it just means if you try these two things first, youd be surprised how much forum spam could be cut down.

Re: Technical help (under construction)

Posted: February 6th, 2010, 2:12 am
by Lexxus
2)Quit fishing links! Rip the damn flash!

      You guys have an annoying habit of fishing links here... Which I can understand given the nature of the forum,you know "flash games,porn games,free shit". But seriously.... you know you can simply Embed flash objects in the posts right? Simple Machines forums roll like that. Theres also another solution that has some extra benefits... you could rip the damn games/toons/whatever...

  Some cartoons or animations that are available for online viewing usually can be ripped so that you can play it offline. There�s a good chance that they are made in Shockwave Flash format using the Macromedia Flash program. Whether it is flash animation, flash tutorials, flash websites, or even flash advertisement, all can be saved to your hard D using some methods if they are in the same format.

For Firefox user

1) Click on Tools � Page Info
2). Then, click the Media Tab on the Page Info Windows
3). The media tab will have complete list of Images, CSS Files and Shockwave Flash files that were downloaded by the Firefox browser while loading the page of the website.
4). Scroll down the list and locate the .swf file.
5). Click the �Save As� button. Choose some folder on your hard drive and save the file.

For Internet Explorer user

1) Firstly, click Tools � Internet Options
2) In the General Tab, click the Settings button available in the Temporary Internet Files group.
3) Click View Files to open your Temporary Internet Files folder.
4) Click View � Details. Now click View � Arrange Icons By � Internet Address. Depending upon the webpage, there could one or more Flash files (Shockwave Flash Object) under the Internet Address.
5) Once you find the right flash file, right-click and choose Copy. Then paste the .swf file in any other folder,such as My Document.

Note: Those methods above only function if your internet browser�s cache file has not been cleared yet. Make sure that you did not close the internet browser before you save the flash file.

The alternative method that you can use is by using a download  manager such as Flashget and/or Internet Download Manager both of which you can easily obtain in the internet. For Flashget, use the �download all� option and select the file that you want, while for Internet Download Manager, use the Grabber tool and run the wizard.

I'll try to find you guys some free flash get stuff but this method works very well most of the time. Plus,hey look! you can play whatever flash games you like right from your computer without having to sift through some website! Also you can upload them for others!

Re: Technical help (under construction)

Posted: May 3rd, 2010, 6:23 pm
by Lexxus

Japanese Locale settings.......

    *  Windows Vista
   * Click on "Start" then "Control Panel"
   * Click on "Clock, Language, and Region"
   * Click on "Regional and Language Options"
   * Click on "Adminstrative" (last tab)
   * Click on "Change system locale..."
   * Click the drop-down list for "Current system locale:"
   * Find "Japanese (Japan)" and Click it

   * Click "Ok" and Restart

If Japanese was not in the drop-down list please follow instructions below:

   * Click on "Start" then "Control Panel"
   * Click on "Check for Updates"
   * Click on "View Available Updates"
   * Find "Japanese Language Pack" and install.

   * Windows XP
   * Click Start, Settings, and Control Panel.
   * Click Language, and Regional Options.
   * Click Regional Option tab, and then select Japanese from the drop-down menu to be installed on your PC.
   * Click Advanced tab, and then select Japanese from the drop-down menu.
   * Click OK to end the procedure.
   * Restart PC.

Check all Japanese-related codes on Advanced tab on Language, and Regional Options, or those may not be default on your OS.
The main codes for Japanese is as following:

   * MAC - Japanese
   * Japanese Katakana Extended
   * JIS X 0208-1990&0212-1990

here may be some more related codes on the menu, but not identified. Please install all the three codes, and any other possible
related codes if required (such as Chinese codes).

Re: Technical help (under construction)

Posted: February 23rd, 2012, 11:38 am
by Nolatare
I'd like to add to this for all those that have errors in Japanese letters and messages. I've found out how to see what the devil those things were saying. If you get an error window popping up from a game or something, press CTRL+C. This will copy the text from that and you can use a translator online or wherever. Apparently, since windows 2000, this feature was implemented. Who knew?